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    Now, when I have Pre3 and Touchpad, I'd love to see a patch which will make possible to start Bluetooth (and maybe WiFi) when I put my phone on Touchstone.
    Imagine: you put your phone on the touchstone to charge it and go to play with your Touchpad in another room. Someone calls you or send you a text. You don't have to go to your phone, you just answer it on your TP.
    I know it's possible now, but you have to manually turn on bluetooth on your Pre 3, before putting on the touchstone.
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    With ModeSwitcher you can do (almost) anything when you put your phone on the TouchStone.

    I think, this is exactly what you're looking for...
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    Thanks Tasarion! ModeSwitcher does great job! Maybe it's to complicated at first look, but its possibility are endless.

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