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    Hi all, I'm throwing this out there in the hope that some bright developer will be able to create it. On both my Pre3 and Touchpad, whenever you send someone a message, webos notifies you of it. It creates a new conversation thread as if you're messaging yourself, so I'll have a thread for whoever i'm talking to with all my messages and all their messages, and I'll also have a thread from my own username with just my messages.

    Others on the forums have experienced this, and I think it might be an issue with Skype's implementation in Synergy. Whereas a patch to actually fix the problem would be preferable, one to simply hide the notifications/thread of my own sent messages would be great too
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    This happened on my first 32GB TouchPad and is now happening on my Pre 2 with the webOS 2.2.4 update. I have a second 32GB TouchPad that does not have this issue. Very strange.

    There is a surprising lack of information regarding this bug that I have been able to find. There's another thread ( on the forums in which someone stipulates that it could be hardware related.

    Official HP support claimed there were no instances of this bug in any of their databases (strikes me as hogwash). Does anyone have any insight as to what causes this and how to stop it?

    Waited so long for Skype IM on my Pre 2 but this bug really ruins the experience.
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