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    we do need a patch for webos like the attached one (for maemo) so people who have a fritzbox could connect tu their router.
    if there is a developer who could make this patch, it would be appreciated and a real progress in this case.

    Source of the attached file: [HowTo] VPN-Verbindung zur Fritz.Box mit VPNC
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    I also found this in English with a bit more detailed information: VPNC to FritzBox works!!!! - xda-developers

    Could anyone of the developers take a look? The changes do not seem too serious?

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    It is working!

    I posted a German Howto on Nexave: VPN mit webOS 2.1 und Fritz!Box? - Verbindungen - Nexave Palmforum

    I will add an english version if needed.

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