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    Update Dec 21, 2011

    Please note due to the resolution this mod is for Pre3 only.

    I removed the original Glass Effect Launcher WebOS attachement and have uploaded an updated version (Glass Effect Launcher WebOS since I found two flaws in the first version: The edges of the modded background being quite rough which I only noticed when I switched my wallpaper to a lighter one; and the horizontal line being off center.

    I meant to upload the new files a long time ago but forgot. Since updating my Pre3 to 2.2.4 restored the original background I just checked that my mod still works (it does) and remembered to reupload the files. Enjoy.

    Original post

    Unfortunately the 2.0+ Version of Garrett92C's Glass Effect Launcher Mod doesn't work on the Pre3 running WebOS 2.2. This is not only because of the different screen resolutions of the Pre2 and Pre3 but because the location that the relevent launcher files are stored in was changed in WebOS 2.2.

    After finding the new loacation, I modded Garrett92C's Glass Effect Launcher to my liking and would like to share my findings. Here are two screenshots of what I came up with.

    To install:
    Download and extract Glass Effect Launcher WebOS
    Using WebOS Quick Install, send (Tools -> Send File) each .png to


    Don't forget to reboot Luna once you're done. Also keep in mind that WebOS Quick Install overwrites existing files without further inquiry, so you might want to backup the original files first (Tools -> Receive File).

    Since I neither liked nor needed the arrows on top of each launcher page I got rid of them completely. To remove them you may want to download and extract Remove Arrows in Launcher WebOS Using WebOS Quick Install, send each .png to the same folder as before. Again, remember to backup first if you want to.

    Feel free to further change the files to your liking. I prefere separated backgrounds for each page (see 2nd screenshot), others may want to have a continuous background over the entire launcher. The filenames and location they are stored in should give you enough of an idea of how to do it.

    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Very nice!
    I modded the launcher-scrim-with-shadow.png to make it a few darker (after some tries, i put transparency at 80%), to better hide the open apps in background.
    However, thanks for the tip!
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    Nice simple mod Thanks
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    Will this be available thru Preware soon?
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    great mod, keep it rollin
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    Exactly what i was looking for.
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    An updated version of the mod can be found in the 1st post. I just checked it's still working after updating to 2.2.4.

    Please note due to the resolution this mod is for Pre3 only.

    If some mod could maybe change the title to [Mod][Pre3/WebOS 2.2.x] Glass Effect Launcher please? I did, but it has no effect on the title in the forums' thread view.
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    Will the mod version for Pre3 submitted to Preware? I love to have this installed on my pre3 via preware instead use WebOSQI.
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    just change the PNG´s as advertised (that is, d' l the package, and by using WOSQI or internalz replace the PNG´s to where they belong). after upgrading to 2.2.4., you need to do this again.

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