I have found an issue a few times on my Palm (both 1.4.5 and 2.1). It wasn't until I was doing yard work that I understood the cause. When you have the phone to unlock using a PIN, most actions take the screen to the PIN entry and not to the "slide button". This includes most anything other than pressing the top power button. Depending on variables, you only have a given number of PIN attempts before it factory defaults (+1 hour and lost data). This happens if you have the phone playing music and you get a text message. I know as I've encountered it while being active and having the phone in my pocket. Once, I am certain from sliding in my pocket enough to advance to the PIN screen. The other time, I was listening to music and ignored a text. In both cases, my phone stopped playing music and I was greeted with a wonderful "Erasing" message.

If you put the phone in any mode but "PIN" mode for security, this doesn't happen (no PIN, bypass PIN or passcode. However, if you use the "password" mode, you need to type your passcode on the keypad everytime you want to use your phone which is annoying for a touchscreen.

I'm new to PreCentral, so if anyone has any ability to get a message to a developer, this is a relatively nice issue. I'm sure one of those guys/girls can create a patch that takes the phone to the "slide" screen in every situation except for when you receive an incoming call. All other OS's behave in this fashion.

I've been using PreWare for some time and have resolved any issues and added features. It is an amazing resource. I'm really hoping someone can patch this issue and post it there. I'm certain that others have this problem.