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    I would like a patch for the flash player plugin does not limit a few seconds the buffer on sites like youtube or megavideo/videoBB.

    For example :
    Link youtube video :

    When i run and i pause right away this video in 720 on my Touchpad, the buffer goes down after a few seconds

    I want the whole video is loading unlimited buffer.
    This will solve the problems of saccade on some videos, and to pause and let the video fully load before you start playing.
    Is that possible ?
    thank you in advance if someone could make a patch to fix this issue buffer.
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    Unlimited buffer would create a huge memory issue. Perhaps increasing the number a bit would work.
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    Thx for reply!
    Yes perhaps, but how can i do that ? just increase a bit the Flash player buffer ?
    I think you must change something in the file flash player .SO plugin ...
    or you can change this setting in another configuration file ?

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