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    OK, here is my problem.

    I use Gmail for multiple email accounts (other ones are pop emails) as it's a brilliant way to organise all my mail. It's great from any pc and my Android phone. The Touchpad lacks the function. The basic, mobile, iPhone and iPad Gmail modes all lack the function to send from other email accounts.

    One solution for the problem would be a patch that would make it possible to add outgoing email accounts only, I would think that such a patch would be simple for someone who knows how WebOS works - copy the standard pop account adding and remove the incoming stuff.

    i would be incredibly grateful for a patch like that.
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    I do the same, but I already have the solution

    I have only one central gmail account (where I have configured gmail to retrieve all my external accounts)

    And for outgoing emails, I have created several account on my pre2 with dummy pop, but with accurate smtp, so that I cannot retrieve emails but I can send email from them by selecting the account in the drop down menu

    It's not as clean as a patch, but it works

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