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    As stated in these threads:
    You can't download a document(PDF or doc, or any other) when you are on secured web site(when you need to log in). As you try to do it, your browser will start downloading, and stop it immediately. So you will be left with gray button "Download", that will not work, as needed green one "Open".

    This bug is very annoying, cause many people want to use their HP Touchpad as helper with Uni\School, and they can't.

    I don't think, that the problem is way too hard to fix. The problem is too narrowed and no one has fixed it yet. So I'll pay for the patch, if you get it working. If anybody has the same problem and want to speed up the process, we can contribute, to offer a bigger prize pool for the patch.

    Thank you.

    First version of the patch available:

    Thanks to our hero GyroJoe!

    Now works with basic browser auth(when file will be downloaded, another login window will pop up)
    This is amazing!

    And yeah...if you want to thank this very kind person:
    Quote Originally Posted by GyroJoe View Post
    If you want to donate, here's a link:

    Do not feel obligated to do this. I'm making patches for fun, not for money.
    UPDATE3 - This is an update to 3.0.4. Most likely, this patch will not work for you after updating to 3.0.4. Please use HP WebOS doctor to completely restore your system and then install this patch directly after preware and cookiejar.
    Please use WebOS quick install to apply the patch. If the program says, that for applying the patch system needs to install some dependencies(GNUPatch or something like that), abort the patching and install these manually through Preware. Then apply the patch.

    GyroJoe is constantly updating his post:
    There are version for 3.0.5

    Sorry, I am abandoning my TouchPad, so will not update this post again.
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    About the payment system:
    If you want to make a patch, you simply announce it, and do it then. Then, after the work is done, you estimate all costs and name the price.
    We make a donation pool on PayPal, owned by some of precentral admins(i hope they will help us). As soon as we gathered all the money, you will release the patch on public domain. That's all.

    OR you are just a kind person, and you will make it just for free, to help other people, cause that's the right thing to do. That would be kinda nice too ))) We would be (personally me) very grateful
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    I'm also in need of this patch, but I don't have a credit card to PayPal anything... But I would be very grateful if someone made it out of kindness!
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    If it fixes moodle and arxiv I'll throw in $10
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    I would also love such a patch.
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    Please, don't make this patch request disappear in thousand other patch requests
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    I'm in for 10, if it means I can download PDFs from secure websites, its driving me nuts, I have my RSS feed for various medical journals set up but can downloads any journal articles.
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    I would be in to pay for this also. I use Blackboard programs at the university I work for and I cannot download files from the site.
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    Can't you use advanced browser?
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    I'm in for $5
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    Good news - although the download manager is native (/usr/bin/LunaDownloadMgr) the download service method does provide a mechanism by which to send cookies (cookieHeader).

    This isn't a solution yet - but it's a start.

    luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.downloadmanager/download {\"target\":\"\",\"cookieHeader\":\"cookie=value\"}
    So there is a way to send the cookies. What's missing is a way to *get* the cookies.

    An easy way would be to retrieve them from the Browser itself, either directly or by evaluating JavaScript. So far I haven't been able to make this work.

    Another way would be to write a service - I'm not sure what this entails or if it's even possible (there's a cookie sqlite database with the data we need)
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    Thank you for being interested in this.
    I hope you'll find the solution.
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    Likewise I appreciate you taking the time to look at this Gyrojoe.

    When i try to download a pdf i get a "mime" error, when i go to the downloads folder using internalz there is a file there, which appears to be html text.

    If you think it would be helpful to see this to get a feel for whats going on then PM me and i'll send it to you.

    I was thinking that the way forward might be a patch that when you holdown on the link you get a "download secure file" option - in much the same way that there is a "download file" patch - that would then do whatever magic (i believe thats the technical term) needs to be done.

    I'm desperate for a fix for this, and sure plenty of others must also be.
    Its a joke not to be able to download pdfs from a secure site.
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    The thing is, isn't even a secure website, but the same thing still happens. It's some script problem I think.
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    Made some progress on this - I've made a prototype cookie service and successfully used it to download a converted Word document from Google Docs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GyroJoe View Post
    Made some progress on this - I've made a prototype cookie service and successfully used it to download a converted Word document from Google Docs.
    you are our hero!
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    Quote Originally Posted by R_E View Post
    thanks for sharing this link, man. but all work-arounds are too tricky. its like suggesting installing linux and using chromium to download files. but i'll definetly try this one too. thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by R_E View Post
    too difficult for me - and in any case there must be a way around the problem using the built in browser - good luck GyroJoe!
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    oh man! please someone make a patch for this...I really want to use touchpad to download my university docs off blackboard but can't :-(
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