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    I really like the patch so that when you click the Exhibition Mode launcher it goes straight to Exhibition mode, but I want to one up this:

    Could it be possible to hack Exhibition Mode to ALWAYS come up when the phone is turned on?

    All you would have to do it trick the OS into thinking its on the touchstone, or change the code so that exhibition mode launches whether its on the touchstone or not.

    This way, you take the phone out of your pocket and when you click power on, you get Exhibition Mode, and then swipe up to get to the OS.

    The only other modification would be so that the screen turned off completely after a number of seconds rather than going to Exhibition Mode, which would kill the battery.

    This way Exhibition Mode is more like a widget, you could have a Weather Exhibition so you could see the weather at a glance, etc etc, everytime you turn your screen on.
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    Yes, this is a idea I'm really looking into. I posted a similar idea in another patch thread about bringing exhibition mode when the usb charger is plugged in or touchstone (don't have one ). Ideally would like the ability to launch exhibition or any app when certain events happen. eg. power button is pressed, headphone plugged in or usb cable plugged in.

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