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    I just got a touchpad and noticed that there are some features that are missing when I use my bluetooth keyboard. I cannot control + C, V, X, A, etc... Also, when I hit the "cards" button, it shows the cards, but it would be cool to use the arrows on the bluetooth keyboard to flip between cards, and maybe an alternate key+ arrows to flip between sub cards.
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    Yes this would be useful functions to have.
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    This would be F-ing awesome!
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    Willing to put in a donation for this particular feature to make full use of the BT keyboard.
    May be we can start a bounty for this.. if so I will be in with $20.
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    This would be a major help. Especially for typing stuff, moving to a specific spot in already-typed text is slow and a pain.
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    bump, also anyone has any ideas as to where to hack this feature?
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    One bump more....
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    Make it a bounty in the title and then offer up money to the dev that gets it working. it might make it better
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