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    My skills are severely lacking. I spent a day reading webos-internals gave some good info on network management and andvanced wifi, but I'm in well over my head. Shoot I couldn't even find where known wifi networks info resides. Well grep -ri "known networks" * would never finish so i'm guessing its hiding in a DB somewhere. So its beyond me. What I would like is:

    1) Read the known networks

    2) Delete an existing network (so to avoid the wifi app stubbornly trying to connect to a dead/duplicate/incorrect SSID)

    3) Add networks (think this would allow ad-hoc to Enterprise WPA(2) networks to be added)

    4) Order networks (so that your preffered network gets tried to connect first or while traveling you can change which network gets tried first)

    5) Possibly a Desktop app to ease the trouble of adding keys.
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    You can already do at least #1 and 2. I don't remember exactly how (I'm not near my device) but maybe either Settings->Wireless/Wifi Something then Edit->Stored Networks?

    Can somebody please post more accurate instructions haha, thanks
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