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    Anyone interested in cleaning up the horrible calendar display in webOS 3.x? Take a look at the attached image... Those useless-color bars are

    1. taking up space that could be used to show the event name/details, and
    2. making it look like there are two event happening at the exact same timeslot

    A quick and easy fix would just be to remove that left color bar, like I've quickly mocked up on Thursday and forward in the attached image. I'd imagine that this patch would just be to comment out or remove the code for that left-bar entirely, so that an event will have more width to display the actual info.

    There's no good reason why that left color-bar should be there. In fact, the calendar display on earlier version of webOS worked much better.
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    This might be more than you want, but I did do some tweaks to the interface.
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    Please remove UberCalendar and google sync behavior patches prior to system updates.
    patch Google calendar sync behavior for 2.x.x and TouchPad (Oauth2 and advanced sync requirements enabled)
    Preference guide for MetaView's UberCalendar patch

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