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    o.k. I am not an inexperienced user, but I am not a nix guy either. I have read about how to mount a network drive, but its a bit beyond me. How about a script or patch to automate the process. Now that we have pptp over VPN I can connect easily to my office, which is a windows sbs08 server, and now that we have document editing, what I really need is a simplified process to access word documents on the office server.

    I really don't need to mount the office server as a drive, just be able to access the files via UNC filenames. That probably would require internal changes to Quickoffice, so mapped drive would probably get around that.

    It would be delightful to be able to connect via VPN, and run an applet to gain access to the documents in the remote server and edit away. Boy, junk the laptop, TP is all I'd need.
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    'Network Drives' is what you are looking for.

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