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    First off awesome board!

    Second- Any thoughts about adding DUN/PAN profiles to the TP. I guess would also need to add this to the GUI as another option. Problem is that alot of people would like to be able to pair with their NON webos phones for data and currently cannot do this because the profiles do not exist.


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    I have been fishing around a bit and it seems even though nobody has responded to this reply there are others who wish for the same feature to be added. The first post about this got several thousand views. Should be an easy fix, im downloading the dev kit and will attempt this myself.
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    someone needs to change the title then. I thought this was the answer, not a request.

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    I would love this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alan sh View Post
    someone needs to change the title then. I thought this was the answer, not a request.

    Sorry man.... even though ive been here a while, im still a Nub.....

    I have found that in ver there was support and was removed in later version and then in 2.? PAN was present however, by ver 3 it was gone again.

    Also, freetether contains the necessary profile however, its intended for the Pre and not the touchpad. I have emailed the developers of freetether and requested either an update for touchpad or the necessary PAN/DUN profiles so that i can try and homebrew something on my own.

    I will keep everyone up to date as i find things.
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    +1 to this.

    Honestly, I'd pay for that patch. If someone gets a working patch, please post it here and toss up a paypal donate link and I'll chip in.
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    I think bluetooth pairing is a required must. Not only do I see its usage for transferring files but more essentially for tethering apps. I think its very essential for the evolution of the TouchPad.

    Update: We are connected. Hopefully soon for all our BT requirements.
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    Weird I was just posting about this very same thing in the TouchPad Homebrew section:
    Wish I would have seen this thread first
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    This needs to be added to TP asap. I would gladly pay for this patch.
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    Me too.
    Need PAN on TP
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    Well some good news apparently cyanogen recently figured out how to get Bluetooth working under Android which as far as I'm aware uses the standard linux Bluetooth engine instead of Palm striped down proprietary one on Webos. Might be a step towards figuring out how to replace it on WebOS as well with the standard one

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