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    Currently, when a link is shared from the browser the subject is listed as:

    "Check out this web page...."

    I would like to change that to something like:

    --- Page Title of url being forwarded
    --- Fwd: Page Title
    --- A Fwd from {User Name}


    Also, the body of the message is automatically filled with:

    "Here's a website I think you'll like: {Page Title}"

    If we could change that to simply be:

    {Page Title}"

    I think that will give people the option of easily clicking in front of the link to fill in text and will remove the generic text.

    Thanks for looking into it!!!
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    pretty please?

    or can someone point me to the file where this information is stored and I can try to figure out how to change it?
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    What device? Touchpad?


    Look for shareLink:

        shareLink: function(inUrl, inTitle) {
            this.log(inUrl, inTitle);
            var msg = $L("Here's a website I think you'll like: <a href=\"{$src}\">{$title}</a>");
            msg = enyo.macroize(msg, {src: inUrl, title: inTitle || inUrl});
            var params = {
                summary: $L("Check out this web page..."),
                text: msg
            this.${id: "", params: params});
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    Yes, its thread necromancy!

    Anyone know where this is located in webOS 2? Can't find it in my pre2. Would soooo love to change this.
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    See the following for a patch for this on webOS 2.1:

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