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    Does this patch only work for the advanced browser app? I cannot get it to install.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mh262 View Post
    Does this patch only work for the advanced browser app? I cannot get it to install.
    The patch is intended for the stock Browser app.

    I've heard reports of erros from a couple other people as well, but its not clear what the error is - if it conflicts with another patch or there is some other issue. One failed on three of the files, the other on just one file.

    Looking at the .rej files for the failure might be helpful.

    I've successfully installed this patch on two TouchPads with no issue and cant seem to repro the problem.

    Also, for those using Paper Mache, there is a Beta release as well with preliminary Pre3 support and other updates. See paper mache : beta
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    Here is the IPKG log:

    Nothing Interesting.
    % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 0 100 11766 100 11766 0 0 23590 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 60649 identify org.webosinternals.patches.browser-add-to-paper-mache
    {"returnValue":true , "ticket":8, "subscribed":true} { "ticket":8 , "status":"STARTING" } { "ticket":8 , "status":"CREATE_TMP" } { "ticket":8 , "status":"VERIFYING" } { "ticket":8 , "status":"IPKG_INSTALL" } { "ticket":8 , "status":"SUCCESS" } mkdir-prerm Nothing Interesting.
    Nothing Interesting.
    -1: Unable to run command: IPKG_OFFLINE_ROOT=/media/cryptofs/apps /bin/sh /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/lib/ipkg/info/org.webosinternals.patches.browser-add-to-paper-mache.postinst 2>&1
    1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file usr/palm/applications/$rej$
    Removing package org.webosinternals.patches.browser-add-to-paper-mache from root...
    (offline root mode: not running org.webosinternals.patches.browser-add-to-paper-mache.prerm)
    Nothing Interesting.
    Nothing Interesting.
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    This is likely a conflict with the Browser patch to add a Download link entry to the tap-and-hold context menu. Both patches likely attempt to patch the same lines and the second one will then fail.

    Try installing only this patch, or patch the Browser by hand.
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    How can I apply this patch by hand?
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    You would download the SDK and use novaterm to login to your device.
    View the contents of the individual patch files, and then make the necessary edits from both to the relevant files on the device using vi.

    You would also need to manually restore these files before a system update.

    If you are not comfortable doing this, then I'd suggest you wait for someone to write a 'tweak' file for the browser that manages several of the sharing features. @screwdestiny on twitter was working on this at one point.

    Or just install one or the other patch.
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    I'll try using SDK, thanks.
    I installed one, but I would really love to have both
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    I removed the download link patch and successfully installed the Add to Paper Mache patch. Thanks for your help. I guess I will have to wait until somebody to publish the browser 'tweak' file.

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