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    Auto-correct is awesome sometimes when you are typing in English, but it is a pain in the but when I need to write something in Spanish. Therefore, I would like to request a patch to toggle auto-correct from the top bar menu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberprashant View Post
    text-assist built in app....can disable there
    The idea is to have easy access from within any app.

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    The top left menu is based on each individuals app coding. This could be added to the top right menu. Maybe ask Sconix?

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    love this idea. Even typing just in English it would be incredibly useful.
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    Top right would be nice, Category (settings) or (system) sub (text assist on off)

    I would think there could be a few things put into the settings menu

    I would love a reset, power off from topright menu would be nice and quick since I seem to have to reset every few hours with 2.1

    my 2cents

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