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    Hey Guys,

    I was wondering if someone smart out there can figure out how to make it so the browser on the TP, when hitting 'back', takes you back to the spot on the page you were when you clicked the link. For example, I go to a webpage, scroll down half way and click a link, it then redirects me to that page. Now, if I use the back button to go back to my previous page, have it remember where i was when i first click.

    Any thoughts, or does this sound like something that cant be done?

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    yes this is a very very big patch needed, this def can get bothersome after awhile.
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    I agree this is needed. Bugs the heck out of me.
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    wish that could happen
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    That's the way it works on my original Palm Pre. Can't believe they dropped the ball on that in WebOS 3.
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    +1 in need for this patch.
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    +1000, it's very annoying when this happens on facebook, and you have to scroll down again everytimes... this patch would be great!
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    It would be good if this was applied before the webpage loaded because it woud be annoying otherwise
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    ++++1! this patch is really needed. A tip till this patch is made is to open links in a new card. Its a bit tedious but keeps ur page position.
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    even better, cache the page so when you go back it doesn't even need to reload!!!!

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