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    Not sure how much this does or doesn't help. One thing I have noticed about watching video previous to this patch is that the video was locked into 1 position. If i rotated the touchpad the video would be upside down. However, with the most recent patch video now rotates like all other cards.
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    Update, here's the problem I'm having. The patch modifies two files. The only thing that should affect my patch is the file name changed from 106metascene_videos.jsjsjs $to$ $107metascene_videos$.$js$ $and$ $the$ $concatenated$.$js$ $is$ $in$ $a$ '$107$' $directory$ $instead$ $of$ '$106$'. $Other$ $than$ $that$ $both$ $files$ $are$ $the$ $same$ $as$ $3$.$0$.$2$.

    My updated 3.0.4 patch has problems modifying 107metascene_videos.jsjsjs. $I$'$m$ $guessing$ $something$ $in$ $the$ $code$ $I$ $changed$ $is$ $no$ $longer$ $supported$. $I$ $haven$'$t$ $had$ $time$ $to$ $isolate$ $what$ $it$ $is$.

    Anyone, feel free to take a look into this. Here's the patch I created for 3.0.4 that errors modifying the 107metascene_videos.jsjsjs $file$.
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    any updates on this useful patch for 3.0.4?
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    Bump. Would love to see an update for 3.0.4
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    Quote Originally Posted by peterlemonjello View Post
    Definitely not with the current patch. I'm not sure if it's possible to keep the video playing or not. I'll look and see if I can find anything that would let the video continue playing in card mode but it doesn't look promising. Sorry, that's the way I would prefer it to behave too.
    Any progress getting video not to black out when in card view? I noticed the video blacks out in 2.2.4 also
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    Anyone give me a patch 2.1.0
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    Quote Originally Posted by zhangwei13533 View Post
    Anyone give me a patch 2.1.0
    The patch should be in preware. If you running 2.2.4 and its not showing up try installing the 2.2.3 feed
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    I want this patch for webOS 3.0.5 please.
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