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    My daughters only 2 1/2 years old and accidentally holds the screen & rearranges apps/almost deletes them too easily, perhaps a long hold the screen time or alternate patch idea would be nice.

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    like "prevent delete" or "undo"
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    yea, a few ideas are
    -upon holding a prompt saying enter edit/delete mode yes/no
    -require a 2 finger hold to enter rather than 1
    -disable hold to enter mode and make a specific icon to enable edit mode
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    Anyone able to do this? I'd even like a delay to make enable edit mode to be 5 seconds or something to prevent my daughter holding the screen and possibly deleting apps, then I dont know she deleted them. Thanks!
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    Any chance of this still? My daughters too often went into edit mode and I dont want her deleting things on accident...Any other solutions?
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    Last bump...surely an easy patch to make edit mode double the time to hold to enter edit mode?

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