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    This adds the option to add a TimeStamp to the memo you have open.

    It gives you the ability to add TimeStamp in the top left pull down tab while inside any memo.

    Note: if you have text already written in the memo with multiple new line spaces, when you add the timeStamp it will ignore them.

    Example Before TimeStamp is Added:


    Is how it will look

    Spaced Apart
    When the timestamp is added

    (Also see screenshots attached)

    After TimeStamp Added is :

    Is how it will look
    Spaced Apart
    When the timestamp is added
    (Also seen screenshots attached)
    7/21/2011 8:25p.m.

    Notice the spaces missing between them.

    It currently only supports English as the main language, I plan try to add support for all languages into one big patch and have it submitted to Preware if people would like.

    I also considered making the patch so that it wouldn’t alter the memo taking out the new line spaces but then it would just copy it to the clipboard and then you would have to manually paste the TimeStamp yourself using meta-tap v or by using the pull down edit-> paste menu. I would be happy to put that setup into a patch if anyone would prefer that way.

    There are two different versions one for 1.4.5 and one for 2.x.x
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    This is pretty cool.

    Please submit this to the Preware Patches.

    webOS-Patches Web Portal
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    This is now available for download in Preware.

    1.4.5 is now available

    2.x.x is submitted and waiting to be updated

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