Would it be possible to create a patch for the Touchpad that forced Mojo apps to be displayed in "uiRevision: 2", essentially forcing them to scale fullscreen.

I know that it might be messed up, but it would be nice to have the option. so if someone was lofty enough maybe they could make a patch that does these things:

1) Button that toggles between emulator 480x320 mode and fullscreen uiRevision: 2 mode of all Mojo apps.

2) Create a virtual black strip at the bottom of all Mojo apps for a virtual fullscreen gesture area.

This way we could choose as the end user whether or not we want to see the Mojo app scaled fullscreen or not, not have to wait for dev's to update their mojo apps.

This is what HP should have done in the first place.

someone PLEASE make this.