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    Just because there is no gesture area on the TouchPad doesnt mean we cant have gestures in general. It might be a little less intuitive than it is on our webOS phones but what if we made the gestures on the TouchPad two fingers?

    Example 1: Back gesture - two finger swipe from the right to the left, but only halfway of the screen. That is so we can have the card change advanced gesture, which is the full screen swipe.

    what do you guys think? Possible?
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    I guess the back gesture will be pretty difficult to implement, no? Or are the back buttons tight to the same/similar javascript operation as in webOS 1/2. I'm affraid that will e much more app specific now with Enyo. (Just pure assumptions, cause I haven't seen any Enyo code.)

    Quick app switching is high on my want list too. Not a full screen wipe though, too much distance to travel. Can't that be implemented like a combination of the RIM Playbook and up gesture of the Touchpad. When starting from the left most pixel on the TP onto the screen you switch to next app left and similar for right?
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    I have an iPad 2 and have the hidden "multitouch gestures" turned on. These actually make multitasking (if that's what you want to call it) a little easier on the iPad. One thing it does that reminds me of webOS on my old pre- is that you can easily switch between apps by using four or five finger swipes from right to left (and vice versa). This is basically the same thing as in webOS when you would do a full gesture bar swipe from right to left (correct me if I'm wrong please).

    It would be cool to see something like this implemented. Just a thought.

    BTW, I am planning on getting a Touchpad (or future webOS tablet) for sure. Just waiting a little while. Not that anyone needed to know that. Hah
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    Well it seems on the touchpad there is a small black border all around the display to enable the swipe up gesture. I am wondering if it would be possible to make use of the border and switch apps ala the playbook.
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    The area around the touchpad is not touch. The upswipe is from the bottom of the actual app. Not below it.
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    I would really like to see a patch that does the following:

    1. Add a system-wide gesture that mimics "Advanced Gestures" for quick app switching under webOS 1.x and 2.x.

    (How about swiping in from the middle third of either edge to quickly switch to the next running app?)

    2. Add a system-wide gesture that mimics the old "Back Gesture" under 1.x and 2.x.

    (I REALLY miss a "Back Gesture"! I can't stand the way developers are handling this. Each dev has decided where the back button should go. There is no consistency, which leaves me constantly hunting for it. I especially don't like the upper left location. Too cumbersome. I am hoping a single "back gesture" patch would work across all apps. How about swiping in from the lower third of the right edge?)

    3. Add a gesture for "Forward" and "Back" in the Browser.

    (How about swiping in from the lower third of the right edge for "Back", and swiping in from the lower third of the left edge for "Forward"?

    I know that Garrett is working on a solution for the Browser, and I like what he is doing. I think there is a lot of potential there, but I would like to see a system-wide approach.
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    Well we will never know the real reason they left the gestures off, but whatever the reason it just sucks. It must have been a scene of mass confusion over at hp with the palm guys loosing the argument to the bigger heads
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    If you want to ask garrett92c anything you might be better off going over to WebOSroundup , that's where he hangs out . Have a great dayb.

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