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    Hi there...

    I am looking for another nice patch..easy to install onto my webos...not the one called Facebook chat patch doesn't work at all...

    Or if you know of any good IM app, suggest some to me for installation thank you..I want to have facebook and skype chat on the IM.

    Or if any experts me how to get the messagingpatch right....I tried that messaging patch - enable me to have skype, facebook.....ummm if you know what I mean.....from the guy in Oz...he discovered that patch..but having problem in the messagingpatch in my I failed to install the whole thing and it is frustrating...
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    It's mentioned in the Facebook Chat Spoof thread that FB changed something so it may never work again. Kinda leads me to believe that nothing would work but yet there is another IM app you can buy.

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