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    You know how in the email app, one of the options for a phone number link is to text it? It'd be good to see that work from the browser as well. As is, you can only call or copy it as a url and then strip out the "tel:" part, which is clumsy. I'd like to see texting available on the tap and hold options. Chances are it's just a question of applying what's already in the email app.
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    Well, for email, there's "mailto:"

    For messaging, I see webOS should support, "im:", "chatWith:" and "sms:".

    For more info on the url schemes, see URI scheme - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Not sure if I have a patch installed that already does it, but my Pre v1.4.5 when I tap&hold on a phone number gives me two options: "Call" and "Text"

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