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    I was wondering since virtual keyboard is enabled for 2.0 but not for 2.1, was there some change that made it not possible.
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    Can't get an answer?
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    so far it hasn't been possible.
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    Thanks. Maybe now with the release of the touchpad we can hope to get a working virtual keyboard, from palm or homebrew.
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    I recently bought a pre 2 on verizon and downloaded preware immediately to get the vkb and it works for me but only in portrait. I have been trying to figure/find out if it is possible to message in landscape because honestly the vkb is not that good in portrait. Sorry if this is completely not related to what you were talking about, but this was the most recent post about a virtual keyboard I figured I would ask.

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    I'll take a yes or a no answer I just need to know its killing me!
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    pretty lame that it was avail on 2.0.1 but not 2.1. it was a very nice feature and a decent vkb IMO.
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    forgot all about this...i used it once maybe twice on my pre-

    i see its popular with some members....

    it had a nice visual look to it...i have to say...but not for me
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    Its possible but will crash your phone. It's not worth it.

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