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    first, I have a pre plus on vz with 2.1 installed. Not too long ago I installed the patch I mentioned in the thread title and really liked that I was able to just use universe but I noticed that I was no longer able to use my original "official" web browser. When I would launch it, it would just give me a blank white screen with the reload button on the bottom right and the back button on the left, when I would hit the reload button it would just spin indefinitely. It never really bothered me since I had no use for it. But today I downloaded the *quick post* app and too set it up you have to link your accounts such as twitter and fb. After its done linking it sends you a pin code that you have to enter. The problem is, it opens the "old official" browser to send/show me the pin code. But, as I stated before when I open my old browser I just get a blank screen. So now I can't see the pin or any other link that opens up in the "official" browser. ( I noticed that when I click on pre central links within the app it does the same thing) just opens to a blank screen. I deleted the patch thinking that would do the trick. Still same problem. I also changed back my default browser to the "old" browser that didn't help either. I did a few re sets and a few hard re sets. Still no luck. Can anyone help? I don't wanna re doctor if I don't have too
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    still trying to figure this out ..... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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    still trying to find a fix other than doctering..... ANY suggestions are appreciated
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    did you contact the developer of the browser and the patch?
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    i've got the same issue, but I am thinking it happened before I installed Universe and the patch. Me and novaterm are gonna sit down tonight and figure this sucker out. I do *not* want to doctor.
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    edit- double post. dern.
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    looking like tweaks might have something to do with it....
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    is broken. Lucky for us, webos internals left a backup so I dont have to unpack a doctor!
    quick fix-

    cd /usr/palm/applications/
    cp page-assistant.jsjsjs $page$-$assistant$.$js$.$broken$
    cp page-assistant.jsjsjs.$webosinternals$.$orig$ $page$-$assistant$.$js$

    if i can fix it, we will fix the .broken and put it back where we found it.
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    I am the developer of that patch, the patch modifies Just Type, and doesn't touch either browser in any way. My patch didn't break it. Sorry
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