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    What about a patch that increases the volume of the back speaker as a function of speed, as determined by the GPS?

    - So, the user would set the volume levels for Ringtone, System and Media as per usual in the Sound Settings.

    - The patch would monitor the speed the user is travelling, and increase the volume level of the speaker as speed increases.

    - Maybe there could be a Tweaks setting for the maximum percentage increase?

    Typically, as speed increases, so does ambient noise, and therefore the speaker becomes more difficult to hear. I usually find myself manually adjusting the volume when I am in the car, for instance, and listening to a podcast through my bluetooth speaker.

    I know there will be a battery penalty to be paid, but I would mostly use this in the car when the phone is on the Touchstone. It might be nice to have a simple way to disable the patch in order to conserve battery when not needed.
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    This is a great idea in general. My car stereo does this. However, I plug my phone directly in to the stereo jack on my phone and it's best to have the phone at full volume so the car can adjust volume as speed changes.

    However, this would be really cool for use in a situation where the car doesn't have this capability... like my wife's car. Turning off the GPS radio would be all that is needed to disable it...

    Great idea!
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    Great idea!
    Well, at least you and I think so!

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