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    My second idea for a patch is related to text editing. I know a lot of people have complained that there is no way to move cursor one-handed because the "trackball" solution requires to hold down the orange key (or white in pre plus).

    The idea is to be able to move cursor after tilting the phone right or left. There is a free game called Super Jump, where you steer with the jumping character by tilting the phone right or left - i was thinking about something similar for moving the cursor. It would be nice if the angle of the tilt (and possibly the speed of tilting) was also influencing the speed of moving the cursor.

    I imagine that the most useful implementation ould differentiate between the phone being held in a vertical position (tilting left and right; left tilting would bring the cursor to the start of the line and further to the end of the line above it, etc), and in a flat position (then the cursor could be moved like a ball on a flat surface (left, right, up and down).

    Any thoughts on that?
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    it would have to be off 95% of the time, and only activated when I want it, otherwise every move I make while typing would move the cursor and screw up what I type...
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    Gesture-area-tap-hold + tilt... ?
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    yeah - i think gesture tap-hold + tilt would be better.
    another feature - after tilting by more than say 30 degrees, the cursor jumps over whole words.
    another idea - enable sounds (a bip) to signal when the cursor has jumped over whole word...

    This weekend I am going to install WebOs SDK and go through the tutorials
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    I would prefer haptic feedback over sounds.

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