After my wife told me that I have to change my treo 650 for a newer phone, I chose (of course) palm pre.

I like the two-handed operation of the device (web browsing, email, etc), but I miss the one-handed quick on-the-go capabilities of the treo.

After just one week of using the pre, I have idea for two patches (apps?):

1. shake the device to start a specified application. alternatively start a specified application when the device is slid-opened. Specifically I chose to used Done! as my task manager. Done! is great because it has a type to enter functionality. I would like, however, to have a quick way to launch Done! when I cannot use two hands or even look at the phone (e.g. driving a car). With this patch I could take the phpne, slide it open and start typing, because I would know that Done! has opened and is ready to receive a new task from me.

One idea to improve this would be to play a sound (possibly pre-defined or vibrate on slient) to tell the user that the app has been started.

The shake idea is the same, just more useful, I guess, as some apps would be nice to start without sliding the phone open. Therefore the shake idea.

I know there are a couple of patches, that can halep in creating this patch / app:
- the shake to reload web page patch
- the slide to answer call patch

I will write about the second idea for a patch in the next thread.

Is there anyone interested in creating this patch? If not, perhaps a good tutorial is available? I looked at tutorials and such, but it is all months off for me, as my free time is very scarce...