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    I am using the Mode Switcher v2.3.2 and have installed the Advanced System Menus - Device Menu version 2.1.0-93 patch. I have three Modes set up with the only difference being the screen brightness. With the patch installed, the device menu brightness overrides the Mode Switcher settings and opening and closing the modes does not affect the screen brightness.

    This is not that big of a deal since it is just as easy to use the device menu to change the screen brightness as it is to change Modes.

    I am providing this feedback to ensure that Sconix is aware of this as the interactions between the two software packages might impact the way other functions Sconix may program in the future.
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    It seems like a better idea to post this in the Mode Switcher and Advanced Menu threads in his developer sub-forum, Enlightened Linux Solutions.

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