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    The webOS world would not be half as much fun if we did not have stuff like patches and homebrew to play with and get our devices to look, feel and function exactly how we like them to. Having said that I would like to mention the fact that every now and then if I face a particular issue and search for a solution or just generally come across a comment in some thread that so and so patch could be creating such and such conflict. But its nothing confirmed, just an odd comment here or a reference there.

    I personally end up installing a few patches just to test drive them when I see something new in the "Patch" menu of Preware. I'm sure if I research and read up on each patch before installation I could be better informed but I was just thinking that if some of us users may have identified a possible issue or side effect with a particular patch, once confirmed can it not be incorporated in the comments or description of that patch in Preware / WOSQI / PC downloads section so that other possible users wanting to install it can at least keep an eye out for possible side effects when they have to troubleshoot some annoying issue.

    We could either use a thread like this to identify and confirm such issues and after other users can confirm duplication of the symptoms the warning on possible side effects of that patch can be included in all installation options out there.

    As a starter I can list some of the issues I recently noticed:

    1. Muffling Logging Patch: After installing this patch I had erratic behavior with images I had dragged and dropped from my PC to the Pre USB drive not showing up in the Photo app. I could see the files on my PC when accessing the USB drive, I could also see, open, edit info through Internalz but they refused to show up in the folder in photos. I spent a lot of time trying to trouble shoot and finally read a comment here in one of the threads about this patch creating the problem. Removed patch, rebooted and voila problem disappeared. I may still want to use the patch but knowing it could create such a problem can help me decide better whether I can live with the side effect or not.

    Can others confirm having observed such issues?

    2. Advanced System Menu Framework - Advanced Phone Menu: After installing it and tweaking the Phone Apps Menu I started to get only missed call notifications when someone would call me. The caller would hear the ring but my Pree would innocently sit there lifeless until the caller hung up and I would immediately see the missed call notification. I was also unable to make calls as pressing the dial (phone) icon did nothing. So basically the phone App stopped working.

    I removed the Advanced System Menu as this was the last patch installed behavior this problem occurred but the problem persisted. Did a partial Erase and reinstalled everything back on minus the advanced system menu and the problem did not recur.

    Device installed on: Unlocked SFR Pre 2 webOS 2.1.0

    I am not saying that my findings are a 100% confirmation of the issues but I would like to invite others to share such experiences so we can further fine tune this homebrew experience. Maybe I just had a coincidental set of circumstances which led to this device behavior (e.g. the Phone app misbehaving I believe had an added element of my network provider not liking something after I tweaked a few settings using the patch).

    Oh, and both of the above patches come from persons whose patching skills and contributions to the webOS community are beyond words. I have an immense amount of respect for people who can do such magic with some bits and pieces of code that I will never get around to figuring out. So by no means should this be construed as any sort of criticism of the incredible work that these guys do devoting "their" time, skills and resources to better "our" experience.
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    Youtube downloader patch: Seems to increase boot time on webOS 2.1.0 from the usual less than 2 min to about 3-4 min.
    HS Visor + GSM Module -> Treo 180 -> 270 -> 270LE -> 600 -> 650 -> 680 -> Pre"-" -> Pre 2

    TP & Pre 3-> still looking for them
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo_knight View Post
    Youtube downloader patch: Seems to increase boot time on webOS 2.1.0 from the usual less than 2 min to about 3-4 min.
    Not here

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