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    i have 2 touchstones, one at work one at home.

    the feature that keeps the clock on show is useful during the day, but not needed at night.

    are there any patches that can enable me to have a 'nighttime' setting for when the pre is on the touchstone?

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    I thank so. Let me look at this for you.
    I seen some kind of line in the .css that would let you set a fixed time for night mode but I don't know what it dose and what it needs to be set up.
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    here is the code in a .jsjsjs $file$ $for$ $digital$ $clock$

    		// set night style between 6PM & 6AM
    		if (hour < 6 || hour > 17) {
    		} else {
    No reference in .css or .html
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    1.x download the app called brightness unlinked. Its great

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