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    hi guys!

    i have one thing that bugs me about my pre2. i'm using a jawbone bluetooth headset for my pre2 that works perfectly. except when i end the call using the headset, my pre2 that is in my pocket doesn't jump to lock screen from the end of the call and subsequently my phone dials out.

    i wanted to use the bluetooth headset specifically for cycling so for me to get my phone out of my pocket and physically lock it is very awkward.

    i've had to apologise to numerous people many times for pocket calling them..

    please help!

    *hope this hasn't been solved in a previous patch already?? i've searched tho..
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    yeah, I have the same problem! This bug has never showed up on my pre+. But now I got pre 2 and it drives me crazy calling everybody, opening apps and living his own life after end call on bluetooth headset when in my pocket. Pre 2 also starts another calls when I'm talking to anyone via bluetooth headset. I got an idea to solve this: the screen has to turn off automatically when on bluetooth headset, and it also should be turned off when the call ends. What about such patch?

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