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    I had this idea about the music player controls recently, but I don't know if its possible to do with a patch.
    One thing I dislike about the pre is the fact that there are no hard buttons to control music, and I came up with an idea.

    Modify the volume control buttons to only change volume on button release.
    This allows multiple actions using the buttons.
    If you would press the volume up button and while holding it, press and release the vol down button, then it would skip to the next track, and if you would press down both and release, it could play/pause the music track.

    Like I said, I don't know if this could be done with patches or even at all, but I thought I'd throw it out here.

    BTW I love this community, very helpful and active, keep it up!

    Upon some more searching I found this patch, but I can't find it on preware.
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    That is one thing about the Pre I REALLY wish we could change--real hardware buttons on the front.

    I see where you're going with the volume buttons, but even that seems a bit awkward. I'd almost have to use two hands just to do that.

    But what about using the bottom keys on the keypad?

    Space = play
    Shift = back
    Sym = forward
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    Yea, but then you'd have to be in the music app. I'm talking just having it locked playing in my pocket and being able to reach in and skip to the next song.
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    Everything you said would be great, except for one thing:
    1. Holding volume 'down', then tap volume 'up' for next track as many times as you want
    2. Holding volume 'up', then tap volume 'down' for previous track as many times as you want

    It'd be hard to implement scrubbing features, but I love the press both for play / pause.

    EDIT: After a minute of thinking, here's possible scrubbing:
    1. Hold volume 'down', then do a 'double tap and hold' on volume 'up', for scrub forwards
    1. Hold volume 'up' then do a 'double tap and hold' on volume 'down', for scrub backwards

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    Ah, I see what you're saying now. I was picturing a different use scenario--my Pre tossed on the passenger seat while I'm driving, hooked up to car charger and tape adapter/aux cable.

    I pictured driving because that is where I have the hardest time with listening to music. Doing even the smallest gesture requires me to take my eyes off the road. Something like what you're suggesting would be great, however it's implemented.
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    Just to follow up, I emailed Hedami (Music Player (Remix)) to see if what we were talking about was even possible. Dan wrote back and said that it's impossible to use the volume keys like you described in webOS. Ah well. I think the only solution is to have another set of assignable keys on the device somewhere or a d-pad.

    Although I wonder about using a set of wired headphones that has a set of controls on them?

    BUT, both the homebrew and paid versions of Remix use the space, @ and period for song navigation. Cool!
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    @katefields, another option would be to use a bluetooth headset to control the music eventhough you have the aux jack plugged in will still pipe through the car system but you will still be able to control it....have used this scenario w/ my old motorola, will try it w/ a pair of sony's i have to see if it still works like i described.

    @scotter, an easy way to resolve your issue would be to get headphones w/ music control, the original headphones that came w/ the pre does this quite well, though not the most comfortable earbuds though
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    I'm mostly talking about driving as well, I hate making my passengers skip songs...
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    good find on the patch there in your edit, now that would be usefull....kinda wondering if you just need to copy the script into the file after you save a copy of of it...and now that im thinking of it that would be quite useful.

    would try it but im kinda tired of doctoring my phone right now, and i have everything set the way i like it...maybe the next time i have to doctor ill try it.
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    What if you could somehow keep listening to screen touches and have a swipe from top to bottom pause, a ">" swipe to play, maybe an "L" for skip forward with the opposite for skip back??? I'm talking large swipes so you wouldn't accidently do one pulling it out of your pocket.

    I guess it would be simpler to just a swipe from any corner to opposite corner be play/pause and a "<" or ">" (top corner to opposite middle side to opposite bottom corner) for forward and reverse.
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    Are there patches to modify the lock screen? I like your idea, but they would have to have a loose tolerance for fluid motions.

    Is there a tutorial anywhere for getting an intro on writing patches? Maybe I'd be able to stumble my way through it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottter View Post
    Yea, but then you'd have to be in the music app. I'm talking just having it locked playing in my pocket and being able to reach in and skip to the next song.
    I've been sorely missing this functionality on my pre+ It was always one of the things I loved about all my Sony Ericsson phones

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