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    I am enjoying webos 2.1 on my vzw pre plus, and eagerly anticipation (and hoping for) an pre 3 on vzw.

    in the meanwhile I want to start patching this version of webos 2.1.

    but I am really confused about which patches are compatible with my version of webos and on my "legacy" device.

    many patches on the preware feed have a blue x on them, whereas others have an icon like a phone, calender, etc. And yet others have a green plus (which I think is Tweaks compatible?). Clicking on a particular patch doesn't always tell you if its compatible with 2.1. Especially the advanced patch framework and preferences by sconix- the description of the patches is confusing as anything.

    can someone please clarify which patches I can install on my pre plus with 2.1 on vzw?

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    all the different icons denote what kind of patch it is. phone, web, launcher.

    generally if you can see the patch, you an install it
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    Most of the times if it's not for 2.1 it will tell you that it is just a placeholder (meaning it'll be there to inform you if a 2.1 patch is available). Usually, if you see it you can use it.

    For sconix's patches there is a very good wiki which help you understand what to install and how to install.
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    does sconix' patches include everything we need to patch?
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    "everything" will mean something different between you and me.

    I have all (i think) of his patches, plus a boatload of others, almost 100.
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    those icons are the patch "categories." if you click on the top-right category selection (it looks like a pill) you'll see a list of categories. choose one and you'll see what I mean.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    does sconix' patches include everything we need to patch?
    It adds a lot of stuff in the main use of the phone. You are able to toggle more things under one menu, you have more options in contacts-email-messaging etc, you can have mode switcher in order to create different "profiles" with different settings etc.
    In a few words they add a lot of stuff that makes the phone more user friendly.
    It depends on what you really need. I have other patches installed (for example an sms character counter), but for starters the advanced patches is a good choice.

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