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    Hi everyone,
    -this is a Pixi+ on 1.4.5-
    so I know I can type the first letters of a contact's name in Universal Search to find that contact. For reverse lookup I can type the whole number and it finds the corresponding contact, but this only works with the complete number.

    Now what I want to do is to find a contact with Universal Search by typing only a part of the number.
    For example, to find (german numbers): 01234 567890 I want to have to type only 56 and US shows me a list of contacts with numbers starting (or including) 56
    - identically to how US shows me all contacts with names starting with "Jo" by typing "Jo": John X, Johnny Y, Jonathan Z.

    I hope I explained this clearly enough - if there's already the possibility to do that, I didn't find anything.

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    I need this too. Did you solve this?
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    No, unfortunately not. I believe this can not be done easily with a patch. My girlfriend who has the Pixi asked about it, she misses this functionality. According to her, this worked on her previous phone (Android).
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    I hope a developer will work on it. I am sure this feature would be useful for many users.

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