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    This patch adds the Standart Music Player App to Exhibition Mode to listen to music, if in Exhibition Mode.

    It is only tested on German Device.


    For any wishes or infos, contact me

    it is also added to webosinternals..
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    COOL thx
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    is this available for english phones?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mespiff View Post
    is this available for english phones?
    the zip package includes all languages....give a try to download...

    install with webosquickinstall

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    Haven't been able to get this to work on my US Veer. Tried the English patch from the zip, failed. Using internalz manually made the changes to the music player app, still not showing up.

    Any ideas?

    edit: I'm dumb, I know linux is case sensative, I missed the the capital M in dockMode. guess thats what I get for doing this on the Veer screen.
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