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    Is it possible? Like I can divide my games launcher page into smaller sections. I know I can just create another launcher page but just asking
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    you mean you want something similar to folders?
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    well in a way it's just like instead of sliding horizontally to jump btwn launcher pages, I can slide vertically... it doesnt even have to be as good as the horizontal slide. Probably just need a line that cut a launcher page into smaller sections.
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    So you want a "tic-tac-toe" (or a grid of grids) of launcher pages? I suppose you want to scroll diagonally, as well?
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    a line that seperate a launcher page into 2 would be fine with me
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    Im not sure what your aim is here... are you wanting to see more than one launcher page at a time, with a horizontal split? Or are you thinking more along the lines of a ms excel frozen pane? Where its the same launcher page but you can scroll one pane while the other stays the same? And... whats the purpose of this? What are you wanting to accomplish?

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