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    I love all of the patches available to customize our topbars, but why does my awesome custom topbar disappear in Exhibition Mode and get replaced with something even worse than the original topbar!?

    Can someone patch Exhibition Mode to continue to show our custom topbars?

    I would also ask you to include the snazzy piece of code that is in Garrett92C's Statusbar Weather Widget that removes the app menu tab (in the case of Exhibition Mode, the upper left corner of the topbar that lets me know which exhibition app is running.) I already know which app it is, and I already know that there is a menu accessible from there.

    I would much rather see that part of my custom topbar, such as the weather widget, while my Pre sits on my Touchstone.
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    i'm pretty sure that's because exhibition is treated as a fullscreen app. And is entirely separate from the topbar.
    I think this also means you can't just copypaste the topbar patch code into the exhibition app either.

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