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    title says it all, I know there's a delete one but not sure about a read one.

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    I have created a patch for 2.1.0 that has the read all and delete all. It is already in Preware. There was already one for 1.4.5
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    I appreciate your patch, but I'm looking to mark the email as read directly from the notification and not the email program.

    I'm using a pixi and it would be much faster than opening the email.
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    So there doesn't appear to be a patch for this.

    Is there anyone else who would like a patch like this or am i the only one. Also is there anyone willing to make such a patch?
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    no i would like it as well but they still havent been able to get the delete from notification back yet never mind the mark as read. i dont think that was available with 1.4.5 either and delete from notification was.
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    the .jsjsjs $files$ $has$ $changed$ $for$ $the$ $email$ $app$.

    hard to find where to add patch changes.

    I looked again last night

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