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    Hay guys, I am on an legacy O2 Pre and I am experiencing the same Issue discribted in the WebOS-Internals Wiki. But now I am stuck in Headphone lock for a month and I cannot use my phone without loudspeaker or Headphone in phone calls.
    Well but that's not the real deal why I am posting here. Due to the misery that I am in I came up with an idea.

    Is there a possibility to add a software-switch in the device menu or somwhere else to bypass the hardware switch? I think that would help in my case and also abandons the workaround for others to manually plug and unplug the headphones until the headphone lock is off.

    Thanks in advance because I am sure that Our community can help
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    what a pitty, so it seems as if it's not possible I will contact O2 and ask for a new device...
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    if its stuck because of a hardware failure, the only option is repair/replace the faulty jack.

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