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    Hi all,
    I couldn't find my old amendment to the patch so I recreated it and am uploading for posterity.
    Uses browser-sharing-super-mix_224_87_pm as the basis and adds sharing via Project Macaw and updates Mobilize to use Google instead of Instapaper.
    Remember to copy the json file to: /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/services/org.webosinternals.tweaks.prefs/preferences

    PS. I can't upload patches so have attached a zip.
    Zip file contains 2 files.
    Zip Contents
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    How to work on palm pre2 ?
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    As long as the patch works (ie, either webOS 2.2.4 or browser files are same on other os), then apply patch either directly on device with InternalzPro or webOSQuickInstall and make sure you copy the .json file to the appropriate location as mentioned above.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luigi Paternostro View Post
    How to work on palm pre2 ?

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