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    Now, I seriously doubt the possibility of this patch, but what the hey, I'll put in a request anyways.

    The title pretty much says it all. Instead of having to gesture-up or gesture-tap, then up-swipe to close an app (which, I dunno about you, but it kills my thumb after a while), start from the gesture area, then quickly swipe all the way up (or however far up) to throw the card away. Obviously it has to be a quick motion, to avoid the wrath of the Wave.

    Any takers?
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    I don't believe it is possible, but how hard are you flicking up for it to hurt your thumb? Now if you were rocking a pre- with a broken button and had to hit it several times before it responds (my phone) then I'd see what your saying lol . Hope someone can help you with this.
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    Well, for me, it's not a matter of hard, but of fast. I almost do it in one continuous motion, but I have to jerk to a stop once the card is minimized.
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    Awww I see. Yea that is how I do it as well, almost a continuous swipe. I'm just not sure how something like that could be coded so it could differentiate between you wanting it to go to card mode or swiping it off the screen..
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    Well, I was thinking maybe it could differentiate between gesture-up (a short movement) and gesture-all-the-way-up, a la invoking Wave, but in a much faster motion.

    Wait that was just me stating my idea again. Let me rephrase that.

    Maybe adding in a trigger for length and speed of the movement, one which is both faster than Wave and longer than gesture-up.
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    I like, so I give it a +fun, aka +1
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