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    i'm trying to upgrade my verizon pre 2 to webos 2.1. every step has worked without issue, but when i start webos doctor, i put the phone into recovery mode and then it starts to run and when checking the battery, which is at full charge, it tells me, the pre has disconnected. And I can't seem to get past that. Any ideas?
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    Is this a Franken Pre 2 or a stock Verizon Pre 2? If it's a Verizon Pre 2, last I heard Verizon has not gotten 2.1 yet, otherwise you could just OTA update.

    If it's a Franken Pre 2, I'm not sure why your phone is acting up.
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    I'm pretty sure the verizon pre 2 did have an OTA update to 2.1
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    i have a verizon pre 2 and there has been no ota update to 2.1 yet and i just checked webos internals and there is no verizon 2.1 doctor on there site.

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