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    Hi all. My first post since I got my wife's hand-me-down pre (org sprint) a month ago. I have continuing problems with my cheek activating the top bar menus during a call. Sometimes it puts people on hold or brings up the contacts app, or various other inconveniences. I'm running 1.4.5, have preware, uberkernal (I will need a new battery if I run at 800-1000MHz!), advanced configuration launcher, and a couple of other minor patches (battery % monitor, etc). Is there a way to fix my issue with the top bar or disable the top bar completely during a call?
    Thanks in advance.
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    the proximity sensor should be turning the screen off any time your phone is up against your face. Start with some background. IS there a screen cover installed? have you got a bunch of patches and such?

    Gotta figure out why the proximity sensor isn't turning off the screen (hardware or software issue).
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    Open Device Info and run Interactive Tests - one of these will test the proximity sensor.
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    No screen cover. The problem existed prior to any patches. The complete list of patches installed is:
    UberKernal v1.4.5-158
    GNU Patch 2.5.9-4
    Lsdiff v0.3.1-1
    Add Date - MM/DD v1.4.5-1 - tk102
    advanced Config for System Preerences v1.4.5-108
    Battery Icon as Percent v1.4.5-1
    Hide Airplane Mode Icon v1.4.5-126
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    I ran the interactive tests. The one testing the prox sensor did not work. ie - holding hand to screen did not cause phone to vibrate.

    Any ideas on how to get the prox sensor back online?


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