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    Would really like a patch that allows me to put the phone on silent for a specified time.

    Nokia phones used to have this function. For example going into a meeting, tell the phone to go onto silent for 1 hour, and at the end of one hour, have the phone go off silent mode.

    I don't know how many phone calls I have missed because I put my phone into silent mode, and forgot to turn it back onto normal mode.

    Jason - thanks again for the really silent ringer patch - that is a lifesaver.

    There is a donation in this one for anybody who provides something suitable.

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    Mode switcher should be able to do that for you.

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    I could never get modeswitcher to work on my Pre, just not enough memory leading to TMC errors and freezeups.

    On the Pre 2, maybe I will play with it when I have time, but there is significant setup for what should be a very simple function. A single command to go silent for 1 hour.

    If I, as an engineer with some programming expertise, find it complex to set up, many others won't go near mode switcher.

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