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    When I get a short text message, I usually just swipe it away from the notification bar and forget about it. Eventually I'll have little 1's and 2's by everyone's name. I was wondering if a patch could possibly let webOS know that a message was read as determined by the character length; without opening the actual message or messaging app.

    So if the character length is under the maximum character length shown by the notification bar, then the message is considered 'read' once it is swiped away.

    I can't imagine it would be that difficult to make... here's my interpretation, a la Matlab:

    if (character length < max character length in notification bar && message is swiped away)
    message = read;

    ta daaaaa

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    +1. I really REALLY like this idea.
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    Great idea, needs implementing by someone please!
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    +1 this seems nice
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    This is a great alternative to having a Mark As Read on the notification. You're idea is much better in my opinion.
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    Would anyone like to attempt this?
    oh the pretty colors

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