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    i was looking throught the installed patches on my phone and came across this one. It had no description about its functionality or its version history. I decided to search Preware for it but no result was returned and after searching the forums with no luck, i removed it from my phone at which point i was prompted to do a Luna restart.

    Has anyone else seen or knows what this patch is/was.
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    You're running webOS 2.0 and installed a patch via Internalz that you downloaded from your email.

    webOS 2.0 renames attachments from the email to random strings, so when you install them from your email, that's what happens. To fix this, get this patch:
    PSN Twitter Last.FM
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    thanks Malpha.

    As soon as i read your response i realised what i did. The patch i removed was for the circle battery icon which i did install via Internalz from an email. Thanks again. I will know for next time.

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