Anyone remember the old Palm OS utility Power Hero by Hobbyist Software? One of its best features was automatically turning Bluetooth on for a phone call and turning it off when hanging up. That way, you could leave Bluetooth off (on both phone and headset) most of the time, just turn them on when needed, and still (probably) answer a call before it would go to voicemail. I'm hoping someone can do a patch to give webOS devices this functionality.

The one other detail I'd like to see is a "manual override" button added to the phone screen, so that if I find I don't want Bluetooth on for a particular call, I can turn it off quickly. Low battery (phone or headset), finding I've left my headset at home, or taking a call on speakerphone come to mind as cases where I wouldn't want Bluetooth on.

Hoping to see this in a Preware feed soon.